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iPhone desbloqueado? Desculpem, mas... esse é meu!

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Altemir disse...

vi que vc tem um notebook igual ao meu um Sony Vaio vgn-sz430, acabei de chegar do Canadá e n sei como fazer para funcionar o WWAN aqui no Brasil, vc consegui configurá-lo para utilizar aqui??

claudia disse...

yes you can but you must unlock the EGPRS (EDGE) modem. There is an unlocking procedure
in sony us support website and at some point it is necessary to call them to get the
unlocking code.
The procedure is rather easy to follow. See below. Since there is no hyperterminal in
windows vista you must use another program that can send commands to the serial ports
(secure crt, putty, etc)
1. Very IMPORTANT Before starting anything, make sure you have the ORIGINAL Cingular
SIM inserted in your laptop. It will NOT unlock if you have any other SIM instaled..
2. Enable your wireless WAN. In Cingular Connection Manager, Choose Tools/Network Info
, record the IMEI # 010799000036223 .
3. Open Hyper Terminal and chose Start/All Programs/Accessories/Communications/Hype...
Terminal. It will ask for a connection name. Type in whatever you want, Sony support
recommends the name EDGE
4. Choose File/ProperitiesConnect To/Connect Using and select Sony Ericsson VDC EGPRS
Modem (or COM4), click OK for the defaults which should be 2400 baud, 8 bits, no parity
5. Type AT and check if you get an OK echoed back. Note that the modem is case senstive,
so you probably want to hit caps-lock to make sure you get capital A and a capital T
6. If you do, call Sony customer service and request an unlock code and you must have
your model number, its on the lower right of your screen, Sony Support at 888-476-6972
(United States) or 239-768-7676 (International). At the time of the call, you must be
with the notebook in order to provide information to a support representative.
7. Make sure you tell them you want to unlock your built-in EDGE modem and you need the
NCQU number. (This is an eight digit number.)
8. Type AT+CLCK=PN,0,xxxxxxxx in Hyper Terminal, where the XXXXXXXX is your NCQU number
and check if you get an OK echo from the terminal. Try it several times, if you don't
get an instant OK, but do not hang up. If it doesn't work, check the IMEI and the NCQU
with the CSR once again.
9. Close and Shut down Computer. Take out the Cingular SIM. Insert the other SIM.
10. Open SMARTWI and open up the Cingular Connection Manager.
11. Click on Profile. look for the ADD button at the bottom of the window. Click on Create
Custom Profile
12. Fill these in for T-mobile or look up the GPRS settings for the country of your choice.
Service Type: packet or cicuit
Dialed: *99***1# ( leave it like that )
Acess Point Name: (internet2.voicestream.com)
Username: (LEAVE BLANK)
Password: (LEAVE BLANK)
13. Click next. On IP Settings leave everything on Automatic. Click Next again.
14. In the Profile Name slot, Type in T-Mobile or whatever you want your new carrier is.
Then Click Finish
15. You're all set to Connect and when you come back to the US, you can switch back to
the Cingular profile.

There are lots of different GPRS and data services and there's a sige that will tell
you what connection you can use.


How to perform the SIM unlock procedure after obtaining the unlock code.

Follow this procedure to unlock the Sony Ericsson EDGE module after obtaining the SIM
unlock code.

NOTE: A SIM card must be inserted to perform the unlocking procedure. The Sony provided
Cingular® SIM card, if activated, will still function after the Sony Ericsson EDGE
Module is unlocked.

1. Click the Start button, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to
Communications, then click HyperTerminal.

NOTE: If a Location Information window is displayed, enter your Area Code and then click
the OK button.
2. In the Connection Description window, under Name, type EDGE.
3. Click the OK button.
4. In the Connect To window, next to Connect using, click the down arrow and click to
select COM5.

* If COM 5 is not available, check Device Manager to determine the COM port assigned
to the Sony Ericsson VDC EGPRS Modem and use that COM port instead of COM 5.
* If the Sony Ericsson VDC EGPRS Modem is not listed in Device Manager, ensure it is
installed properly and turned on in the SmartWi utility.

5. Click the OK button.
6. Click the Configure button.
7. In the COM5 Properties window, ensure all the following settings are configured
* Bits per second = 2400
* Data bits = 8
* Parity = None
* Stop bits = 1
8. Click the OK button.
9. Click the OK button.
10. In the HyperTerminal window, type AT

IMPORTANT: Use capital letters for all entries.
11. Press the ENTER key.

NOTE: Ensure OK is displayed on the next line after AT.
12. Type: AT+CLCK=PN,0,xxxxxxxx

NOTE: Replace xxxxxxxx with the unlocking key provided by the Sony representative.
13. Press the ENTER key.

IMPORTANT: If OK is displayed, the unlock was successful and the procedure completed.

* If a +CME ERROR 3 error is displayed, reset the EDGE Module.
* If a +CME ERROR 40 error is displayed, remove the SIM card provided by your
third-party carrier and use the Cingular® SIM provided with the notebook.
* Consult the full list of +CME errors for more information on other errors that may occur.
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claudia disse...

1. Haga Click en el Boton de Inicio, siga por "Todos los Programas (All Programs)", ahora siga por Accesorios (Accessories),-> Comunicaciones, Entonces haga Click en "HyperTerminal".
2. En la ventana de descripcion de la conexion (Connection Description window) escriba "EDGE".
3. Haga Click al Boton OK.
4. En la Ventana Concetese A... (Connect To...), junto a Coectese usando... (Connect using...), Seleccione COM3. (*)
5. Haga Click al Boton OK.
6. En La ventana de Propiedades de COM3 (Properties window), verifique que los siguientes ajustes estan configurados debidamente:
* Bits per second = 2400
* Data bits = 8
* Parity = None
* Stop bits = 1
7. Haga Click al Boton OK.
8. En la ventana del HyperTerminal escriba AT

IMPORTANTE: Use letras mayusculas.
9. Presone la tecla ENTER.

NOTS: Verifique que OK es mostrado en la linea siguiente despues de AT.
10. Escriba AT+CLCK=PN,0,xxxxxxxx

NOTA: Sustituya xxxxxxxx con el codigo de desbloqueo que le suministro el representante de Sony.(vc tem que ligar na central da sony do brasil, eles vao te dar o codigo xxxxxxxxx, eu fiz assim)

Presone la tecla ENTER.

IMPORTANTE: Si OK es mostrado, El desbloqueo fue exitoso y el procedimiento esta completo.


* Si un +CME ERROR 3 error es mostrado, reinicie el modulo EDGE.
* Si un +CME ERROR 40 error es mostrado, remueva el SIM card suministrado por un tercer proveedor de de servicio inalambrico y coloque el modulo Cingular® SIM suministrado con el ordenador.
* Consulte la lista completa de errores +CME para mayor informacion sobre cualquier otro error que pueda ocurrir.

El de arriba es el procedimiento tal cual es indicado por sony, es el procedimiento GENERAL para sus modulos EDGE INTEGRADO.